Standing Committees help SBANA thrive!  Committees are made up of SBANA members who volunteer a few hours a month and give back by using their talents and professional skills to help SBANA invest in the B-School.

Interested in joining a committee? Email the committee directly using their email address below.


Budget Committee

The Budget Committee oversees the planning of the yearly budget for SBANA. The budget is presented to the Board of Directors for approval by June 30 of each fiscal year.

Fundraising Committee
The Fundraising Committee helps to raise funds for SBANA’s programming and the general scholarship fund by developing events and fundraising campaigns throughout the year.  The committee also works closely with the Executive Committee to plan signature events for SBANA.

Marketing, Branding & Communications
The Marketing, Branding & Communications Committee functions as the Marketing department of SBANA and oversees all of SBANA’s marketing, branding and communication efforts.
Chair: Marie Whitworth, CAU ’06 

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee helps to increase SBANA’s membership and retain members.

Nominating Committee
The members of the Nominating Committee are responsible for identifying and recommending the slate of officers for elections. The committee oversees the nominating and elections process.

Program Committee
The Program Committee plans and assists with the implementation of programs that benefit SBANA members. The committee owns the development of showcasing the value of alumni through programming centered on the University achieving its goals.

Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee is comprised of SBANA member volunteers and CAU School of Business representatives.  The committee oversees the SBANA General Scholarship Fund application, award and disbursement process.
Co-Chairs: Myrah Murrell, CAU ‘07 | CAU B-School Representative: Dr. Edward Davis, Faculty


Homecoming 2019 Planning Committee
The Homecoming Committee plans all B-School Alumni Homecoming events including Tailgate. Homecoming Week 2019 takes place October 14-19, 2019.
Email:  |